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Business Man Music Review

Business Man Music Review

Aamchi Mumbai: This is sung by Ranjit, Rahul and Naveen. The song has a mix of Hindi and Telugu lyrics and this is composed as a typical Mumbai tapori style song. The song has dominant Hindi lyrics and then moves to Telugu in the charanams. Music dominates this song and we hear few vocals at times. Despite that the song will appeal to youth as it has some foot tapping music. Please checkout some wonderful drums by Thaman in this song. Lyrics are sufficient and few lines like Romme Viristhe Jeena hai, Thoke mudusthe Marna hai are good and also reflect the mood of the hero.

Sir Osthara: The song is sung by Suchitra and Thaman. Suchitra off late is dominating the Telugu scene by singing the songs where raunchy voice is needed. She starts the song with few very typical words and sets the tone of the song. This number sure is a foot tapping number in the album. Bhaskarabhatla used his usual flavor for words to write this song. The words like –“ Kaa vatthe isthaara” signify his style. He mixed few Hindi words in the song seamlessly to ass to the tempo of the song. Thaman sang for the male voice of the song. The song demands the voice similar to Thaman’s but he could have found a singer to do the job rather than doing himself. His voice resembled his own in Mirapakaay and that’s the only drawback of this song. Otherwise he did a very good orchestrization and used different sounds to appeal to mass and class alike. I’m sure this song is going to dominate all FM channels in the coming days. This meanwhile is the only duet in the album.

Pilla Chao: The song is sung by Rahul Nambiar. The song is a fast beat style designed in a retro style. The song moves at the uniform tempo without much variation in the Pallavi and Charanam. Music is decent and doesn’t seem like what Thaman has composed earlier. There are few variations that he has shown in the pace of the song at moments and that’s really good. Lyrics are decent and help the song move forward. Success of this song would depend on the way the song is canned. Overall, a different song in the recent times. The best is the beats that come immediately after the initial saxophone bit. The variation Thaman showed in composed in various parts of the song is good.

Chandamama Navve: The song is sung by Haricharan. The song starts with a melodious beat and moves at a fast pace. The song is designed as hero’s effort to woo his girl The song has a mixture of modern and native lyrics. Music is good and helps the song maintain its tempo.

Bad Boyz; Another fast paced song sung by Priya Himesh and Geetha Madhuri .This is the item song and hence has good foot tapping music that could make people dance. Instruments are blended seamlessly. Though the song is done in lines of Ippatikinkaa in the content, the song will appeal to the masses and classes alike. Thaman didn’t loose tempo at any moment.

Businessman Theme: The theme song is sung by Mahesh Babu and Puri Jagannath. Mahesh babu did a voice over to this song with his few of his punches like Racchale and Puri did singing in parts. Music is pretty fast and it is almost like a song unlike other theme songs.

Businessman is a different album coming from Thaman who faced flak for his repetitive tunes and music dominating the vocals. He did an excellent job with this album and replied his critic. He used instruments to his advantage and didn’t allow them to clobber and create noise. The best part about the album is its high energy levels that never subsided at any point of time. Thaman scored good marks with this album. Bhaskarabhatla played his part well in writing few good lines. Chandamama and Sir will be remembered as one of his best numbers.

Overall this album is the one which can be rated as good in the first listening and I’m sure the song will catch up once the movie is released. My rating for the album would be 7 out of 10.

Reviewed by: Brahma Mahesh (TheOnlyBrahma on twitter)

Business Man Movie Review

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