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Bus Stop Movie Review

Bus Stop Movie Review

Maurthi who met with success with ‘Ee Rojullo’ is coming to entertain movie lovers with ‘Bus Stop’. Let us see how successful he is in his efforts.


Srinu(Prince) faces problems in life right after his college days while he was on his way to attend his first interview, when Shailu(Sridivya) whom he loves threatens to commit suicide if he do not meet her at once. This prompts him to turn nostalgic about his love affair with Shailu and how love blossomed between them and its after effects. In the process lot of people, friends, family members influence their career, studies, future. How they cope up forms the crux of Bus Stop

Stars’ Performance

Prince showed ease in acting and has those natural charm and looks. However he should still improve upon his expressions to make it to the top league. Sridivya though not hot resembles girl next door and carries herself quite well. Rao Ramesh did well in his role while the artists who played the roles of parents did full justice. Sai Kumar Pampana is good in his role and his spontaneous comedy timing brings in laughter.


Director Maruthi seems to be under the impression that in order to attract teenagers and youth, he sould load his film with full of double meaning dialogues. True the film is certified ‘A’ but it exceeds its limits. Entire first half and first 15 minutes of the second half goes in the same tempo and then he realises his social responsibility. The next half an hour will attract parents as he gives strong message to the present generation.

Though an average story with no twists in it, Maruthi showed his creativity in teaching youth and movie lovers on how to look for double meaning vulgar dialogues in dialy usage of words and gadgets. Elders will hang their heads in shame while genex movie lovers though love the film in theaters will be thoroughly embarassed when someone uses the same dialogues in real life.


Productions values are good. JB’s background score and music is good to hear and watch on screen. Prabhakar Reddy’s cinematography is excellent while Udbhav’s editing could have been better in the second half.

Final talk

Appeal to those who love ‘A’ comedy

The Rating
3 out of 5

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