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Bunny Following Surya?

It is an open secret that Kollywood top hero Surya scarified some of his scripts to his brother Karthi to give him success. The best example is Karthi “Biriyani”, director where initially narrated the story to Surya and after listening to the story surya who impressed script requested the director to cast Karthi for this film and “Biriyani” happened with Karthi.

Now following Gajini Surya stylish star Allu Arjun is also scarifying some of his film scripts to his brother Allu Sirish. If the grapevine is to be believed director Maruthi narrated a story to Allu Arjun but Bunny who impressed with story requested Maruthi to cast Allu Sirish for this film. Sources said that Allu Aravind also suggested Maruthi to cast Sirish for his film. Finally Maruthi who had no chance has cast Sirish and the film is turned as “Kotha Janta” which is going to hit the theatres in coming Feb.

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