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Bullet Rani is A Big Challenge For Me – Nisha

Bullet Rani is A Big Challenge For Me – Nisha

‘I have got an immense satisfaction while doing the title role in the ‘Bullet Rani’, wherein I played the role of a police officer. I took the character as a challenge and performed in it. Definitely this will be a stand alone character for me in my career,’ says Nisha Kothari. Nisha is in the title role for the film ‘Bullet Rani’ directed by Sajid Qureshi and produced by MS Yousuf on the banner of Focus On Pictures. The makers have made the film as a bilingual and the film was shot simultaneously in Telugu and Kannada languages. The

version was released on March 10, while the Telugu version was released on March 11 and both of them are running successfully.  On this occasion, the heroine of the film Nisha Kothari had expressed her satisfaction for being part of a film. She says, ‘The director of the film Sajid Qureshi had moulded the character in an outstanding manner with lot of concentration and all the compliments I am getting should go to him only. I shared the screen with talented artistes such as Asish Vidyarthi, Ravi Kale and others ad I am very happy in this regard. Moreover, this film had given me a lot of experience too. My upcoming film ‘Criminals’ is ready for release in Telugu. As of now I have two projects in Hindi and one in Kannada language. I am about to sign the dotted line for a Telugu film too.’

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