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Bruce Willis To Sue Apple Over iTunes Music

Bruce Willis To Sue Apple Over iTunes Music

Hollywood actor Bruce Willis, known for his hit franchise Die Hard, wanted to leave his huge digital music collection to his daughters, Rumer Scout, 20 and Tallulah, 18 from ex-wife Demi Moore, after he dies. As he was writing his will he discovered that he is not allowed to leave his huge iTunes music collection to his daughters.

iTunes customers are only allowed to borrow tracks rather than own them outright and can’t resell downloads to friends and are not allowed to leave them in a will.

Bruce Willis is reportedly considering legal action against Apple and he has asked his legal team to suggest to Apple that family trusts could be the holders of his downloaded music.

If Apple doesn’t agree, then he may file a suit against Apple. The actor’s move to challenge Apple over iTunes music is supported by Jim Killock from Digital campaigners Open Rights Group.

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