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British pop singer jumps to death

British pop singer jumps to death

London, Aug 22 :British pop singer Charles Haddon climbed up a 60-foot mast and plunged to his death after having a sold out gig.

Dailymail.co.uk reports that Haddon, 22, was apparently feeling “very down” after Friday’s gig at the Pukkelpop festival in Belgium, which attracted 180,000 people this weekend.

Haddon’s fatal fall took place hours after a girl had been injured by another member of his group diving off the stage.

During the performance by his band Ou Est Le Swimming Pool, one of the members Joe Hutchinson dived into the crowd, injuring a young woman. There were chaotic scenes as the woman was rushed to hospital.

The group, who have performed at Glastonbury, finished the gig and left the stage. Hours later Haddon fell to his death.

“Medics arrived to look after the girl. She seemed to be in bad way. A few hours later Haddon was seen climbing the 60ft mast in a car park backstage. Then he jumped. It’s pretty clear he’d have died instantly,” a crowd member said.

Police said the body was found slumped on the ground.

“We are treating the death as suicide,” said district attorney Marc Rubens.

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