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Brindavanam Movie Review

Brindavanam Movie Review

Almighty God Sri Krishna gets blamed by solving others problems, in the same way our protagonist Krish (Jr NTR) gets blamed by solving problems in Brindavanam.
Projected as decent family entertainer by film makers, Brindavanam offers you both action and family sentiments and affections.
Krish (Jr NTR) is son of business magnet falls in love with Indu (Samantha), upon her request, he accepts to solve problems of Bhoomi(Kajal Agarwal), friend of Indu, by acting as Bhoomi’s boyfriend. Once Krish reaches Bhoomi’s native place, he realizes that he needs to unite Bhoomi’s family and in this process Bhoomi falls in love with Krish. Who owns Krish love either Indu or Bhoomi, whether Krish unites Bhoomi’s family forms rest of story.

Brindavanam Movie Review


Whole movie is carried out by Jr. NTR and as usual with brilliant and extra ordinary performance. Dance sequences by Jr NTR in Songs like ‘Evarevaro…’ and ‘Nijamena…’ are feast to masses. Kajal Agarwal and Samantha are good in their roles. Prakash Raj once again, a regular father and is against love interest of his daughter. Sri Hari continues in his own Telangana accent as a rivalry brother to Prakash Raj. Kota Srinivas Rao is good as old man. Director Vamshi well designed each and every character and tempo in Jr NTR and Kajal Agarwal characters are well maintained through out the film.Sentimental scenes carried out very well by Director Vamshi. Music and Background score is good and photography and editing are at their best.

Brindavanam Movie Review

Initial 30 mins of the movie is good and rest of the first-half looks dragged and is boring some times. Second half of the movie is carried well with lot of comedy. Comedy scenes between Venu Madhav, Brahmanandam and Jr NTR are an asset for this marquee in second half. Brindavanam is sigh of relief for Producer Dil Raju compared to earlier movies came out from his production house. On the whole Brindavanam is watchable.

The Rating
3.25 out of 5

Review by Chtanz ([email protected])

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