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‘Breaking News’ kills Mallikarjun Rao

\'Breaking News\' kills Mallikarjun RaoThe rush for private TV channels to break news much before others resulted in egg on all over their face. TV9 flashed the news that Mallikarjun Rao was no more. The entire Tollywood was shocked on learning about the ‘news’ and the all rushed to Apollo hospital.

It was revealed later that Mallikarjun Rao was alive and undergoing treatment and that there was no truth in the ‘flash news’ that Mallikarjun Rao was dead. The channel later retracted its breaking news item.

Other channels like NTV and TV5 also flashed this news before taking it off in a hurry. President of MAA, Nagababu deplored the over enthusiasm displayed by the channels and flashing the news without verifying the facts.

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