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Brandy and Honey for Neha in song shoot

Brandy and Honey for Neha in song shoot

Neha Hinge, a model, is making her screen debut with the film titled Luv U Soniyo which is being directed by Joe Rajan.

The unit was shooting a song on Neha Hinge in Durban and she was clad in just skimpy clothes and shivering to the bones in the two degrees temperature. The shoot has to go on and the production assistants were giving her a glass of tonic every fifteen minutes telling her that it will keep her warm. She completed the shoot and late she found out that the tonic she was given was nothing but brandy and honey mixed with warm water.

Neha Hinge is 5’ 10” tall and has the vital statistics of 33-24-36. She is a software engineer. She is the winner of Pantaloons Femina Miss India International 2010, PFMI 2010 Online Winner, Pantaloons Femina Miss Fresh Face, Miss Professional 2010 and Bollywood Diva ’10.

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