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Brahmanandam Drama Company to release on July 11

Brahmanandam Drama Company to release on July 11 Touted as an out and out comedy entertainer, the film Brahmanandam Drama Company…heroine jump, produced under the banner of Sri Ramacnandrulu by Palli Keshava Rao and directed by Sri Kanth is slated for release on July 11.

This film was originally planned to be released as a summer special.

Presenter Sama Vijaya Prakash said that the audio of the film received good response in the market.

The songs had been picturised in Bangkok.

Shivaji and Ravi Krishna play the male leads, while Kamilini Mukherjee dons the heroine’s role. With the tag line heroine jump, the film is said to have special significance for the heroine’s character.

The director is certain that the rib-tickling character played by Brahmanandam is a unique one and will surely becomes the USP of the film

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