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Boyle to receive BFI honour

Boyle to receive BFI honour

London, Sep 29, Oscar-winning director Danny Boyle will be honoured with a special award at the upcoming BFI London Film Festival.

Danny, who made the multiple Oscar winning movie “Slumdog Millionaire”, will receive the British Film Institute (BFI) fellowship for his contribution to the motion picture industry. Earlier Clint Eastwood, David Lean and Ridley Scott were given this honour.

“A significant helping of humility is called for in the face of this honour and that is not difficult considering those awarded it before. I am shocked, flattered and delighted to receive the Fellowship on behalf of everyone who has helped me make the films, the successful ones and the not so successful ones, and on behalf of all runts in every litter,” contactmusic.com quoted him as saying.

The festival will be held from Oct 13-28.

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