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Bored with Love Stories…..’Not a Love Story’ for you…

Bored with Love Stories…..’Not a Love Story’ for you…

We have seen ample love story films, which have either of the lead pairs, rich or poor Or in which lead pairs love is objected by parents and lovers elope to stay together forever Or fight with parents to prove their love. Love stories contain romance as well as tiff between lead pairs, and in some movies lead pair is targeted by baddies and finally ultimate winner is LOVE.

Does all love stories will be like this? If you put this question to Director Ram Gopal Varma, whose movies, controversies and promotional strategies gets everybody’s attention, responds to you by saying, a love story can be ‘Not a Love Story’. Yes, anything is possible in RGV factory. If he zooms into any peculiar incident, he can derive a story and present it remarkably on celluloid. Most of RGV’s past movies are based on some true stories or incidents or happenings.

“In the summer of 2008 two lovers killed a man, had sex in front of dead body, then cut the body in two pieces and disposed the body parts in a jungle”, this is what RGV announces as ‘Not a Love Story’.

This love story which he titled as ‘Not a Love Story’, is inspired from a true incident happened during May 2008 in the lives of Kannanda Actress Maria SusaiRaj and Neeraj Grover. Later was murdered when spotted in Maria’s bedroom, by her boyfriend Mathew, a noval officer and what both Maria and Mathew did after the murder?….you all know.

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