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Cine Celeb’s Thoughts On International Women’s Day

Cine Celeb’s Thoughts On International Women’s Day

Shabana Azmi : “Separate but equal/ different but equal surely must become the axiom for Womens Day. Men and Women are different. I’m not saying better or worse but different and this difference needs to be celebrated. For far too long solutions to all problems have sought to be resolved by men. Women are saying, ‘We constitute half the world and our voice must be included in the global dialogue that is taking place, whether in politics, the arts or in business, etc.”

Pooja Bedi : “Being a woman is the most complete experience. We embody and express naturally the qualities of nurturing and empathy, gentleness and compassion and an incredible inner strength. We are Laxmi, Saraswati, Parvati, Durga and Kali. Personally on this Women’s Day I see no need for change, as I feel I possess a great yin and yang balance.”

Neetu Chandra : “Being a women per se is a complete high. For me being a woman is about the right mixture of strength and passion. Just being a woman makes me feel complete.”

Aditi Rao Hydari : “Being a woman means turning every negative into a positive, loving and caring and living life with grace dignity and mustering a great inner strength in the toughest and gentlest of circumstances. In most societies women are taught to hide their inherent sensuality grace and beauty. Every woman must be allowed to be herself.”

Khushboo : “I don’t celebrate Women’s Day as I celebrate being a woman every day.We need to bring the change in our mindsets rather than in society, because we are the architects of our social order.”

Raima Sen : “Being a woman for me means a number of things. Independence, strength, grace, determination…. “

Koena Mitra : “I celebrate me every day of my life. I give myself a new birth and nourish seeds within me. Women have immense potential to love, care, create, grow, sacrifice and forgive… The key is to not set any limits for women.We women multi-task without guides or maps.”

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