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Sayali Bhagat wants bikini-clad roles

Sayali Bhagat wants bikini-clad roles

Former Miss India and actress Sayali Bhagat says that she is eagerly awaiting a role where she can showcase her charms in a bikini. She says that she has no inhibitions about looking sexy and she is quite comfortable with her body. She says that in a bikini she would definitely add value to any film.

Sayali says, “But sadly, I am only getting performance-oriented roles ‘Halla Bol’ and ‘Jail’ where I am dressed from top to toe. Even in my next movie ‘Ghost’ opposite Shiney Ahuja, I play a doctor. Even in Tinu Verma’s ‘This Weekend’, I play a tomboy except for that one song with Rajneesh Duggal wherein I have donned a sexy orange bikini. Thank god for small mercies.”

Sayali says that if she is offered a role in Dhoom 3, she will wear a bikini and will definitely look hot on the screen.

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