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Rajinikanth plays a cameo in SRK’s RA.One

Rajinikanth plays a cameo in SRK’s RA.One

Shah Rukh had been saying that his film Ra.One plays a tribute to Rajinikanth. But, it is now learnt thatis actually playing a cameo in the film.

In a scene, SRK playing the role of G.One, fights a gang of villains of RA.One (Arjun Rampal) and faces a threat from another gang armed with deadly weapons. At this critical point, Rajinikanth makes an entry in a car. The super powered vehicle immediately sucks up all the weapons from the villains prompting SRK to ask kareena kapoor, who that man in the car was. That’s when Rajinikanth steps out and delivers his super- hit dialogue.

Rajinikanth’s special appearance assures his fans about the actor’s health and also ensures full houses for the Tamil version of the film.

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