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Bollywood Ravana saves Kollywood Rama

Bollywood Ravana saves Kollywood Rama

Mani Ratnam, one of the pioneer of modern cinema without breaking the traditional Indian cinema, is now making “Raavana”, a helmer’s contemporary interpretation of Valmik’s epic.

A news-worthy spice is that while shooting an incident happened. It concerns Abhishek Bachchan, who plays Raavana and his co-star, South star Vikram, who plays Rama in the film.

According to unit sources, there was a vital sequence in which Vikram had to climb down a 2000 feet high cliff. Action director Sham Kaushal had taken all necessary precautions to make sure there was minimal risk involved for the actors but he didn’t know Vikram had a vertigo problem. Being a thorough professional, Vikram did not outright refuse to do the shot, but his anxiety while doing the rehearsals was sensed by co-star Abhishek Bachchan.

Abhishek walked his talk by volunteering to do the stunt himself. Despite not being required for the shot, Abhishek began climbing down the mountain and asked Vikram to follow suit. All the while, Abhishek, who was not in the frame, showed by example how the shot should be done. Vikram, who was feeling much more relaxed about the whole thing, gave a perfect shot.

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