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Bollywood plans 3D films of 100 mts duration

Bollywood plans 3D films of 100 mts duration

The success of Shah Rukh Khan‘s film Ra.One with the3D version fetching up to a quarter of the revenues in the first week has spurred Bollywood film makers to jump into the bandwagon of 3D format films. There are around a dozen films, including Akshay Kumar’s Joker, in the pipeline to be released in 3D format.

However, there is one hitch. The audience complained of severe strain wearing special glasses for three hours. So Bollywood film makers are quick to accept the reality and are planning to produce Hindi films whose duration will not exceed 100 minutes.

It costs 15% more on average to produce a 3D movie, including the cost of conversion from the 2D format, while theater owners need to invest in 3D projectors, a silver screen and 3D glasses.

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