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Bollywood inspires Pakistanis

Bollywood inspires PakistanisBody Beat, which is a take on Bollywood’s brand of song and dance, has taken the residents of Karachi by storm. Classes started recently at Shapes, the joint where the high-heeled work out, are booked to capacity and dance enthusiasts are eagerly waiting for the next season.

Hasan Rizvi, who created Body Beat, said that there had been a tremendous influence of Bollywood stars on all of Pakistanis, with Bollywood choreographer Farah Khan being the favourite. Rizvi’s class works out with the numbers choreographed by her.

Rizvi, a journalist with Dawn News TV, began the dance classes after tremendous pressure from friends and family and overwhelmed by the general interest and feedback. He shuns all suggestions of Pakistanis being uncomfortable with a male dancer.

Rizvi, who also choreographs fashion shows and commercial events, begins his classes with five minutes of basic warm up exercises, 15 minutes of Bollywood or a bit of hip hop or both. The remaining 30 minutes are for perfecting the steps and just having fun. Though he never learnt formal Bollywood dancing, he has at least 13 years of dancing experience. Rizvi also learnt bhangra 12 hours a day, for eight months to participate in a dance contest in Canada where he was a student.

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