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Bollywood filmy cops always sport a mustachio

Bollywood filmy cops always sport a mustachio

All the big stars who act the roles of cops in Bollywood films sport a mustachio. This appears to be a standard look for the Hindi film policeman.

Salman Khan had a mustache in Dabangg, and the mush-cops list includes John Abraham in Force, Ajay Devgan in Singham, Aamir Khan in to-be-released Talaash, akshay kumar in Rowdy Rathore Rana Daggubati in  Department and Anil Kapoor in Tezz. Now, Arjun Rampal will be seen as a mustached cop in Prakash Jha’s Chakravyuh.

The quintessential cop of yesteryear Hindi Films, Iftekhar Khan always sported a mustache. However, Sanjay Dutt in RGV’s Department does not grow any vegetation on his upper lip.

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