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Bollywood film on 2G and CWG scamsters

Bollywood film on 2G and CWG scamsters

There had been films on underworld dons, terrorists, cops, businessmen and politicians. Now, Producer Shailendra Singh is planning a film on scamsters – A Raja, Niira Radia and Suresh Kalmadi, who have been alleged to have swindled thousands of crores in the 2G spectrum and Commomnwealth games scams.

The film, titled Scams of India, will be a docu-drama on the lines of Michael Moore’s Fahrenheit 9/11 that searches for the truth while spoofing the controversies. Poonam Jhawar plays the role of Niira Radia. The other cast is being finalised. The film uses scenes by actors as well as actual TV footage of the scamsters.

Shailendra Singh says that it is a film that has comedy, kind of dark, on the situation that our country faced because of these scams.

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