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Bollywood celebrity Twitters

Bollywood celebrity Twitters

Bollywood stars have taken to tweeting in a big way to keep in touch with their fans and to give a glimpse of their inner thoughts. Hereunder are a few latest tweets of the celebs:

Amitabh Bachchan : Some day we shall get all right !! Traffic sense, discipline everything ..We are an evolving nation moving very rapidly !!

Shabana Azmi : Producers will still make 75 percent PROFIT.D world over Copyright rests with writers In India writers are made to SURRENDER their rights

Madhuri Dixit : Trying to tweet at least in am and pm. Difficult to keep up when filming. Love to hear from all of you. That is the best part of twitter.

Ram Gopal Varma : Struggle frustration depression and all other negative energies lie in between a conflict between what u want to do and what u have to do

Dia Mirza : Just watched ‘conversations with other women’. Clever screenplay, dialogue and brilliantly enacted. Aaron Eckhart and Helena Bonham Carter.

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