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Bollywood angry with Mumbai terror attack

Bollywood angry with Mumbai terror attack

The film celebrities of Bollywood are angered and saddened by yet another terror attack on Mumbai.

Here are the reactions of some of the film stars:

Amitabh Bachchan: “Yes we are all hurt and sad and frustrated ! But will sympathy bring back the dead .. it merely rids us of the guilt of helplessness. The bombs did not just drop from the skies! A human, like one of us put it. One of us who breathed and lived in Indian air. Get him! “

Farhan Akhtar: “I have been receiving random messages about more possible explosions. PLEASE DO NOT CIRCULATE THESE RUMOURS. I hope the Central and State government wake up to Mumbai’s continuing woes and do something to help our city get it’s confidence back. We can help the Mumbai police department by not spreading rumours. Let’s not make it harder for them, They are out there doing their best.”

Priyanka Chopra: “I am so saddened by what’s happened in Mumbai. My heart wrenches at the thought of what the families of the victims are going throuh..its so wrong. Why do we have to always accept this terrorism? Why are we always told to move on.. I WONT STAND FOR TERROR ANYMORE..and I WILL NOT FORGET! I wish I was back in my city to share this grief.. MUMBAI MERI JAAN”

Hrithik Roshan: “Feeling sad, angry and helpless! I pray for the families of the victims. On a resilient note, I need to believe that there are some good leaders, some good men in position of power out there in the government to guide this city, to do d right thing without getting entangled in the web of politics! Wherever you are please come forth and fight for this city! Rectify the wrongs! Show us the way! The common man needs assurance that you exist!! My MUMBAI needs YOU…. NOW!!

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