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Blade Babji movie review- a rib-tickling comedy of errors

Blade Babji cinema review

Blade Babji cinema review

The Cast and Crew

Allari Naresh, Sayali Bhagat, Dharmavarapu Subramanyam, Venu Madhav, Srinivasa Reddy,

Blade Babji cinema review

Blade Babji cinema review

Brahmanandam,Krishna Bhagavan, Kondavalasa, Jaya Prakash Reddy, Melkote, Khuyyum, Ruthika, Kausha, Hema & Apoorva

Music: Koti
Dialogues: Vegnesa Satish
Cinematography: A Raja
Editing: Nanadamuri Hari
Producer: Muthyala Satya Kumar
Story – Screenplay – direction: Devi Prasad

The Film

This is a full length comedy where ordinary people attempt impossible things and get caught in a web of their own errors.

The Synopsis

Blade Babji (Naresh) is a slum dweller and a professional pick-pocket. A realtor has an eye on the slum land and to save the slum folk from the clutches of the land shark, Babji takes up the challenge of getting Rs 4Crores.

Blade Babji cinema review

Blade Babji cinema review

Babji, along with his gang, resort to a bank robbery in Visakhapatnam and the money is hidden at a place where a house is being constructed. A situation arises whereby Babji and his gang could not come back to get the money for some time.

When Babji and gang finally come back to retrieve the stolen money, they find a full-fledged police station there. With a typical criminal trick Babji becomes part of police at the new police station, where the money looted from the bank is hidden.

From then on, a flurry of comic pitfalls is in place, as Babji and gang try to get back the loot.

Blade Babji cinema review

Blade Babji cinema review

The Performance

The role of Blade Babji suits Naresh to a T and he gives a good performance. Sayali Bhagat is passable. All the comedians have got good roles and they succeed in giving laughs.

The Techniques

Devi Prasad did a somewhat satisfactory job with story, screenplay, dialogues and direction to get useful comedy incidents and situations, though the song sequences appear to hinder the narration.

This is a low-budget film and the average fare is evident in all technical departments including production values.

The Verdict

Blade Babji is a full length time-pass film with enough comic antics.

The Ratings

2.25 out of 5

Review by Deen Kumar

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