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Bipasha Basu Puzzle-d and Riddle-d!

Bipasha Basu Puzzle-d and Riddle-d!

Bipasha Basu used to be busy on her mobile phone or chatting away with co-stars and crew members during breaks while shooting for films. But, after breaking up with John Abraham, she consciously cut down mingling with other cast and crew members obviously to avoid any talk about her break up with John or her present boy friend(s).

To keep herself busy, Bipasha has now seriously taken up solving Puzzles and Riddles. She bought a large number of riddle and puzzle books and carries some of them with her even to the sets.

The actress started showing her prowess in solving puzzles and riddles to co-stars and crew members, sometime asking them to solve some of them. It is now the turn of cast and crew members to stay away from Bipasha lest she may ask them to solve some riddle or puzzle.

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