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Big B tweets on Shah Rukh Khan

Big B tweets on Shah Rukh Khan

Amitabh Bachchan has tweeted wishing Shah Rukh Khan a speedy recovery from his aggravated back problem. “Speedy recovery for your back Shah Rukh! It is such a bother really. I take resort through medication, but massage is better,” Bachchan wrote on microblogging site Twitter. He tweeted: “Huge blue screen… 100 cars… cranes wires… gawd i am making a film beyond my means. Now working with my doctor on my back. Time to scream out ouch… ooh… aah.”

Shah Rukh’s back pain has aggravated following the hectic shooting schedule for his film “Ra.One“. He is finding it tough to get into the superhero avatar for the film and perform dangerous stunts due to the problem.

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