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Big B Says He Is Ordinary And Quizzes Fans

Big B Says He Is Ordinary And Quizzes Fans

Big B Amitabh Bachchan got candid in his interaction and confessed he was just ordinary actor as he committed mistake 8yrs back in his film Black in which he played the role of alzheimer patient Devraj Sahay. Though he won the award for the role, he says he committed a big blunder and in his blog questioned his fans as to what could be the blunder.

Later revealing the blunder he stated he was the professor for a deaf and dumb Rani Mukherjee and during one incident when Rani Mukherjee places a letter on table, he immediately reaches for his spects and studies the letter. He reasons that alzheimer patient forgets everything and the shot would have come off better had he acted as if he forgot where his pen was and started searching for the pen. He says this incident left him disappointed whenever he watched the film.

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