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Big B Overwhelmed Meeting Former New York City Mayor

Big B Overwhelmed Meeting Former New York City Mayor

Star of the Millennium Amitabh Bachchan says that meeting Michael Bloomberg has ‘enlightened’ him and made him a ‘wiser’ man. Michael Bloomberg is the former mayor of New York City.

On his blog Mr. Bachchan posted, “The great business magnate, financial wizard, ex-Mayor of NYC, philanthropist, was at an evening dinner where I was asked to conduct a conversation with him publicly. I just did and came back a short while ago, enlightened and wiser, by the million.”

The 72-year-old actor also posted some of the photographs from the meeting which was organized in Mumbai on 17th of February. Big B felt that the experiences which he had at the meeting are worth sharing and life-changing.

He wrote, “The learning that gets imparted at these occasions is the stuff lives are made of.”

When asked what lessons he got from the meeting, the iconic actor who enthralled everyone with his acting skills in films like ‘Black’ and ‘Paa’ said that now he knows more about politics, health and environment.

In his words, “There is politics to learn, there is commerce that comes your way, there is the talk of job opportunities, of health and keeping the environs clean and much, much more. Wisdom, knowledge and opinion ruled the dinner. Hope and expectation of some worth in common fields came through and the humbling talks of my state.”

Big B’s current film ‘Shamitabh’ is liked by all and he is looking forward to the release of ‘Piku’ and ‘Wazir’.

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