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Big B exonerated in Rs 1500 cr Bofors scam

Big B exonerated in Rs 1500 cr Bofors scam

With former Swedish police chief Sten Lindstrom giving him a clean chit in the Bofors gun payoff scandal,  amitabh bachchan said the accusations had led to years of “anguish of petulant blame”. Along with the late Rajiv Gandhi, the 69-year-old star was implicated in the kickbacks scandal on the Rs 1,500 crore gun deal.

“I speak from personal experience and personal exoneration. 25 years after the incident, I read today from one that pioneered accusation and investigation, of innocence. Of the fault that never lay before me. Of one that remained and shall perhaps remain a darkened spot, blemished beyond all recognition, but in admittance of wrong doing against me,” Amitabh wrote on his blog bigb.bigadda.com.

“No one shall be able to understand or even remotely fathom, the hours and days and months and years of the anguish of petulant blame, that I had to go through. But will it really interest another? No it shall not,” Amitabh, who was MP at the time, added.

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