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Big B bats for Dhoni in his blog

Big B bats for Dhoni in his blog

He writes, “I am appalled at the way MS Dhoni has been targeted. A week ago he was the apple of your eye and within seconds, in a show smacking of frivolity, you have through deliberate and unjustifiable cut, paste technology, made him into the creator of all that ails Indian cricket.”

Big B clarifies that, that doesn’t mean that he is not affected by the ouster of the Indian cricket team from T20 world cup and has come out heavily on the satellite channels for destroying the spirit of the players, he writes, “We are all very disappointed with the outcome of the T20 championships, but don’t destroy the spirit of these magnificent athletes. From the early hours of the morning, the electronic (media) has only crucified the team and done nothing else. Don’t kill their morale for god’s sake.”

He goes further by suggesting what he would have done if he was the head of a channel, he continues, “If I was heading a channel, I would repeatedly keep showing in my broadcast, the glorious victory of the year when we won the World Championships, rather than dwell on our players in their weaker moments. I have faith in Dhoni the wonderful band of brothers in the team. Regroup, regain and win.”

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