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Bhairava Movie Review

Bhairava Movie Review

The Film

Bhairava is the story of a policeman who believes that people themselves should play a role in getting rid of crime.


Bhairava Movie Review

Bhairava (Srihari) works as a CI in one of the police stations of Hyderabad. He is honest, people friendly and his philosophy is that there should be a change in the society where people refuse to accept crime.

He allows four orphans to live in the police station and has a special interest in one of them Shivudu (Meghansh). He has the support of a TV journalist Revathi (Sindhu Tolani) in his fight for a crimefree society. A politician creates enough trouble for him and he has to contend with baddie Chaturvedi (Supreet).

Then there is an unexpected turn of events connected with Shivudu and the rest of the story deals with how Bhairava tackles the situation.

The Performances

Bhairava Movie Review

Srihari carries the film with his ease of performance and dialogue delivery. Meghansh, son of Sreehari, is natural in his acting as the orphan boy. Sindhu Tolani looks glamorous. Supreet somehow fails to impress. All others go through their motions.

The Techniques

The story is Srihari-centered with enough commercial elements. The dialogues have punch. The screenplay sustains the narration. Though some of the solutions to combat crime look illogical, the theme is projected with sincerity but gets lost in the commercial elements. Background music is good. Cinematography and audiography are ok.

The Verdict

Bhairava Movie Review

Sreehari’s fans will enjoy the film. In spite of good performances by Srihari and his son Meghansh, some sections of the audience may not feel the film to be totally entertaining.

The Cast and Crew
Srihari, Sindhu Tolani, Supreet, Meghansh and others
Director: Galabi Seenu
Producer: Natti Kumar
Music Director: M M Sreelekha

The Rating
2.25 out of 5

Review by Deen Kumar

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