Beware of Allu Aravind

Beware of allu aravind Raja sekhar, without naming anybody, accused that some bigwigs are preventing heroines from acting in his films. Though he didn’t name the people it is quite obvious that his finger is pointing at Chiru family.

When contacted some people in the film industry agreed with Raja sekhar’ accusations and they opinioned Allu Aravind played many of such games in the past and still playing with killer instinct.

Many years back Suman’ wife in ‘’SAVVY’’ (an English women’ monthly) accused Chiranjeevi and Allu Aravind collided with some Tamilnadu politicians to spoil his hubby’ film career.

One Response to “Beware of Allu Aravind”

  1. raj says:

    Please try to clear and perfect information. Donot try to degrade people like chiranjeevi. Even Suman is trying to join hands with chiru. Donot write this foolish matter. What is the gain for chiru or arvind if they stop heroiens. AP people know the characters of all.