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Ben Affleck’s directing woes

Ben Affleck's directing woes

London, Sep 21, Actor Ben Affleck admits that he feels extra pressure for a movie to perform well at the box office when he has directed it.

His second directorial venture “The Town” has just been released and the film received an overwhelming response at the opening weekend.

“It is very scary. You work just as hard on movies that work as those that don’t I can assure you. Particularly directing – you spend two years working on it and it comes down to one weekend,” contactmusic.com quoted him as saying.

Affleck has come up with a novel way to ensure bigger success for his latest work.

The 38-year-old’s new movie about a group of bank robbers in Boston features a number of Irish villains and he said: “I’m going to suck up to the Irish people in Ireland and hope for an occurring favour with the Irish people in Boston.”

Affleck is currently in Dublin for the screening of “The Town” at the Jameson Dublin International Film Festival.

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