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Bellucci to team up with DeNiro

Bellucci to team up with DeNiro

London, Sep 2 : Hollywood actress Monica Bellucci will team up with Robert DeNiro for “Manual of Love 3”.

Monica will play the love interest of De Niro’s character, a divorced American professor living in Rome. The actors’ parts will be spoken partially in English and partially in Italian, reports contactmusic.com.

Producer Aurelio De Laurentiis says the first two movies have been successful in Europe – making a combined total of $45 million at the Italian box office – and that he hopes the presence of the Oscar winner will make his third film a bigger hit.

“This third one, with De Niro in the cast, will have greater international ambitions,” said Laurentiis.

The movie will be directed by Giovanni Veronesi who directed the first two films.

Monica’s next is “The Whistleblower” with Rachel Weisz and Vanessa Redgrave.

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