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Basu Not Upset with ‘Barfi’ Ouster

Basu Not Upset with 'Barfi' Ouster

Indian people had high expectations on its lone entry ‘Barfi!‘ starring Ranbir Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra make the final cut at Oscars. However all the hopes are belied as the film was ousted in the final race. However the director Anurag Basu said he is not upset with the result since there are better films than Barfi.

Speaking to media he said “It’s okay. I am not disappointed. All the other films are so good, so I have no complains,” Of the 71 films that qualified for the Oscars from across the world, nine have been shortlisted. These will further compete to make it to the final five.

The nine films are “Amour” (Austria), “War Witch” (Canada), “No” (Chile), “A Royal Affair” (Denmark), “The Intouchables” (France), “The Deep” (Iceland), “Kon-Tiki” (Norway), “Beyond the Hills” (Romania) and “Sister” (Switzerland).

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