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Basanti Movie Reveiw

Hero Arjun is a middle class student who always follows his heart and enjoys his graduation life with Abbas (Ranadir), Malli (Dhanraj) and Swathi. He falls instantly in love with Roshini (Alisha Baig) whom he had seen at the wedding of Abbas’ sister. She is the daughter of Police Commissioner Ali Khan (Sayaji Shinde). In the meanwhile Babar gets arrested in Boarder and given to Hyderabad ATS Centre for Bomb blast enquiry. To make his leader Babar escape from Hyderabad Gaazi enters Hyderabad and plans to blast a main event with High level Led bombs. Meanwhile, Bhai Gaazi had another plans and attacks Basanti College and captures students as hostages. Did gowtham saves Basanthi College? What happened next? Rest of the story on screens

Plus Points

Few Sequences

Minus Points
Pretty old treatment
Second half


The director has not established the emotional aspects of the film well. The movie in fact is devoid of moments that would at least make us thrilled. The director has literally shown most of the important scenes in the trailer itself and there is nothing much left in the movie. First half of the film is okay and second half is very boring with dragged scenes. Screenplay lacked the spice that is required for success. Overall the film is lacking that magic element to call it a memorable watch.

Technical Aspects
Cinematography is good in parts. Production values are ok. Music and back ground is well. Editing could have been far better. Dialogues are good.
Final Talk
It is routine commercial film. So expectations are very directly proportional to disappointment in this case. It is better to skip

The Rating
2.75 out of 5

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