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Bappi Lahiri’s legal notice to Ajay Devgn

Bappi Lahiri's legal notice to Ajay Devgn

Music director Bappi Lahiri has sent a legal to Ajay Devgn, producer of the film Toonpur Ka Superrhero an animated film with live characters.

Bappi Lahiri says that one of the characters in the film named Guppy resembles him not just in name Bappi, but also the way he looks and dresses.

The legal notice says that the name of the character based on Bappi is Guppy which is also similar to his name as well as visually and physically similar to the personal appearance and it is evident that Bappi’s persona has been portrayed in a derogatory manner and a clear attempt on the part of the producers of Toonpur Ka Superrhero to misuse Bappi’s persona in order to portray wrong picture of him to the public at large.

Bappi Lahiri wants the release of the film stopped or the character Guppy removed

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