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Balupu Bumper Business in US

Balupu Bumper Business in US

Balupu is creating very high Pre-release buzz in Overseas and here is the status of overseas business. All the following centers in USA were closed within 48 to 72hours of press note and rest are in final stages of closing!
1. Bay Area
2. Loss angles
3. Dallas
4. Houston
5. Austin
6. San Antonio
7. Chicago
7. Minneapolis
8. VA/MD
9. St. Louis
10. Cary
11. Richmond
12. Bloomington
13. Peoria
14. Madison
15. Wisconsin
16. San Diego
17. Columbus
18. Cincinnati
19. Cleveland
20. Pittsburgh
21. Phoenix
22. Seattle
23. Portland
24. Nashville
25. Tampa
26. Orlando
27. Jacksonville
28. Miami
29. Rogers
30. Rochester
31. Chattanooga
32. Rochester

All Non-USA locations were also already closed.

This high voltage entertainer is ready to hit the screens on June 28th with overseas premiere shows on Jun 27th in all USA locations which will continue through July 4th long weekend. Digital content is expected here in USA by Jun 24th, Mon morning and best quality CRU drives will be dispatched from LA office on Mon/Tue.
To exhibit this movie in other than the above locations feel free to contact…
Srini Unnam
732 586 0932
510 996 8514
Email: movie@blueskycinemas.com

Press note issued by BlueSky Cinemas, Inc.

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