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Balayya, Parama Veera Chakra become butt of jokes!

Balayya, Parama Veera Chakra become butt of jokes!

Box-office bonanza Balakrishna and Dasari Narayana Rao’s latest movie and first in their combination may have left investors in lurch but many are having a good laugh at Parama Veera Chakra’s expense.

From Facebook to Twitter, funny SMSes, everything is full of jokes lampooning Balakrishna and his latest film Parama Veera Chakra.

Some are saying that Parama Veera Chakra has become Parama Bore Chakra.

In Facebook,
A road sign reads:- Danger: PARAMA VEERA CHAKRA movie theater 5 kms.

On Twitter
Balayya – Parama Veera Chakra
Preskhakudu – Parama Veera Bakra.

Another tweet quotes Balayya’s dialogue from super hit movie Simha but in a different manner.
Balakrishna’s Parama Veera Chakra:
Chudali Anukoku.. Thatukolevu.. Madipothav..

Parama Veera Chakra – topic is over.. worst opening for the 2011 says another tweet taking cue from Rakta Charitra dialogue of NTR character.

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