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Balakrishna’s ‘Bheesma’ Scrapped

Balakrishna’s 'Bheesma'  Scrapped

Balakrishna’s 'Bheesma' Scrapped

Producer Bellamkonda Suresh hurriedly announced a film with BalaKrishna few days back,he even performed a Pooja for the movie which was said to be titled “Bheesma” seeming to be halted.

Balakrishna who saw Ramesh Varma directed Ride and expressed his willingness to act under his direction. So Bellamkonda Immedaitely announced Bheesma under Ramesh Varma’s direction, and said that it would be begin in the August 1st week. As per the Industry sources,Balakrishna rejected the script which is narrated by Ramesh Varma.

Ramesh Varma is in planning to make a movie with youth where as Balakrishna’s “Simha” in direction of Boyapati Srinu is under progress

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