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Balakrishna Want To Remake ‘Nartanasala’

Balakrishna Want To Remake ‘nartanasala’

Nartanasala is a landmark film in the history of Telugu cinema and also in Indian cinema. It is also among few Telugu films that won accolades internationally during the 60’s. The performance of NTR as Arjunanad Bruhannala is above excellence. Now, Nandamuri Balakrishna is planning to the movie once again. In the past, he tried making the film by casting himself as Arjuna and late Soundarya as Draupadi. Many incidents during the shooting caused the movie to shut in black box. Soundarya died in an air crash and the much famous shooting took place at Balakrishna’s house at that time. Now, efforts are going on to make the film again. After the success of  Sri ramarajyam, Balakrishna is eager to make the film and sources say that the producers have decided to perform some ‘shanti poojas’ in order to avoid any ill omen before shooting the film. Apart from all these everyone is wondering who will play the modern day Draupadi. Well, if Balakrishna has decided to make this film then he will surely find his modern Draupadi.

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