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Balakrishna is a Responsible Man

Balakrishna is a Responsible Man

Actor cum politician our very own Balakrishna is a busy man as he is managing both politics and film shoots at the same time. He has set a new example. Despite getting hurt during the shooting of his latest film ‘Godse’, the 54-year old actor made his presence in the Legislative Assembly.
Today that is Wednesday, August 20, 2014 is very important because today government is going to present its first ever budget and Balakrishna being a responsible member of parliament doesn’t want to miss the Assembly session. He had hurt himself while doing a bike stunt for his film and got seven stitches. The stitches are removed but still he is walking with the help of a stick which is recommended to him by doctors so as to avoid any extra burden on his injured leg. While attending the Assembly in spite of being injured he has set an example for everyone.

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