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Balakrishna’s 100th Film In Trouble

Balakrishna’s 100th Film In Trouble

It is well aware that Nata Simha Nandamuri Balakrishna’s prestigious 100th film ‘Yodhudu / Gauthami Putra Shatakarni’ is about to be officially announced with Krish as he director. There were reports that the director too is joining the producer by investing considerable share in the film. So, as part of the pre-production works, Krish had asked some research scholars to do research on the history of Shatakarni. The director has plans to approach Daggubati Rana to do a key role in the film. At this juncture, the producer, Korrapati Sai expressed his unwillingness to produce the film. The reason for Korrapati Sai opting out of the project is the budget of the film. It was estimated that the film would cost a whopping Rs 70 crore. Already Korrapati Sai had produced a film titled Legend with Balakrishna. The revenue from the film did not cross Rs 40 crore. In this backdrop, Korrpati Sai was of the opinion that investing Rs 70 crore is unwise and risky. Let us wait and watch who would take up this project. It is quite unfortunate that the producer had opted out even before the official launch of the film, which is slated for August 8.

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