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Following are some of the tweets on director Bala

psarjun P. S. Arjun

Maniratnam, Satyajith Ray, Adoor, Bala, Mysshkin. all good directors, characters of their all respective movies ws same, thats their #trademark

gisab Sabs

Has all bala elements -characters from society fringes, sharp wit, giest role of star plying themselves but no real story

Karthik_s Karthik

I have never really appreciated the so called genius of Bala. The man has got ability to make his actors act and nothing else. /1 of 2/.

Bala won the National Award for best director for his movie Naan Kadavul in 2010. Vaadu Veedu, dubbed version of Tamil film Avan Ivan starring Arya and Vishal released on Friday.

Bala worked with Balu Mahendra for 10 years. He made Sethu with Vikram in the lead. In the last 12 Bala made only five films.

Apart from entertainment, Bala tries to convey something to the audience. At the same time he says that films are not about his tastes or likes alone

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