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Bakara Movie Review

Bakara Movie Review


Sri Hari is a Don of United Nations agency lives in city. With the assistance of Minister Venkoji (Tanikella Bharani), he runs associate extortion racket in Hyderabad similarly. Some native goons kill Venkoji and cake Bhai comes all the way down to Hyderabad to revenge his friend’s death. Once finishing them off, cake Bhai decides to pay a visit to Mumtaz restaurant, an area that holds several childhood recollections for him. Baba Bhai is round-faced with associate sudden scenario once he receives a decision from associate anonymous fellow, warning him a few bomb below his seat within the restaurant. The anonymous caller keeps career cake on his phone frequently and warns him concerning obtaining up.

Baba’s fate is tangled thereupon of 3 kids – Raghupathi, Raghava and Rajaram. Raghupathi works within the restaurant whereas Raghava and Rajaram take up alternative professions. however square measure they coupled to cake Bhai? Can cake Bhai embark of the situation alive?

That is the story of ‘Bakara’.

Plus point

Sri Hari has done a good job in the film.

Punch dialogues.

Good sentiment when required.

Minus Points

Boring drama

Needless comedy sequences

Poor writing and bad screenplay

Poorly placed songs


Srihari as Don Baba Bhai had done a good job. Most of the movie at orphan people around. Tanikella Bharani performance also main highlight of the movie. Bakara is a comedy movie and Srihari is the main appeal in it .This movie will definitely make a bakara out of you if you decided to take a chance.


Vijaya Sri’s cinematography is just about ok. Rohit Kulkarni’s background score and music do not help the film in any way. Director R. Krishnan’s dialogues are ok, but he fails miserably in the direction and narration departments.

Production values are below average.

Final talk

A terribly slow pace and a poor script make this film a very poor watch. Overall movie is just below average

The Rating

1.5 out of 5

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