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Bajirao Mastani had me Giving my Sweat and Blood-Ranveer

Bajirao Mastani had me Giving my Sweat and Blood-Ranveer

The magnum epic of Sanjey Leela Bhansali Bajirao Mastani had been one of his most ambitious and costly projects till date, and its highly anticipated that the classy filmmaker would give a perfect hit with the kind of efforts being put into the film.

The film’s actor for BajiRao’s character, Ranveer Singh had recently said that he had put in a never before effort, sweat, toil, blood and tears to give his best performance till date. Ranveer had shaved his hair off or the film and had also suffered an injury on sets. He plays the role of Peshwa Bajirao with Deepika Padukone playing his second wife Mastani and Priyanka Chopra playing his first wife. Even Deepika had an action themed role for the film and did have to wear an aromur of 20 Kgs weight for a few battle scenes.

With such a hard work, Bajirao Mastani is high on expectations when it releases on Dec 18.

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