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‘Baiju – The Gypsy’ to be finally made?

'Baiju - The Gypsy' to be finally made?

Mumbai, Oct 20, Hollywood writer, director and producer Krishna Shah is putting his much-talked project “Baiju – The Gypsy” on the boards again.

“Baiju – The Gypsy” is a historical fiction set during the Mughal era of 16th century. It is a story of contest between two great singers of the era — Baiju Bawara, a young gypsy and the singer from the soul, and Miya Tansen, one of the nine jewels of Emperor Akbar’s court.

The script is touted to be a visual treat filled with special effects. The legends of classical Indian music may or may not bear the scrutiny of science today, but it was widely believed that Tansen could start a fire with his singing of Raga Deepak, and Baiju could bring down a shower with his impassioned rendition of Raga Malhar.

Shah shelved plans to produce “Baiju…” last year to work full time on his epic biopic “Mother: The Indira Gandhi Story”.

“Rehman had insisted on me contacting Aamir for the role of ‘Baiju…’. Even offered to call him. Somehow, things did not work out,” Shah said in a statement.

Shah said while he has no time to direct “Baiju…”, he would “like to sell the script to a director passionate enough to see this story through to the screen”.

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