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Bahubali Part-2 Footage Leaked On Youtube?

Bahubali Part-2 Footage Leaked On Youtube?

It was already reported by Searchandhra that Rajamouli is taking very tough measures to prevent leakage of scenes/photos and to curb piracy from insiders. He had issued identity cards to everyone in the crew and no mobiles were allowed inside the shooting spot. After shooting a major part in Kerala, the unit returned and shot scenes at Ramoji Film City and Sarathi Studios. The latest information is that the scenes that were shot in Kerala were leaked and even they were uploaded on the Youtube. Hello, don’t rush to watch the Youtube, because you can’t find anything incriminating. This information is revealed by none other than Rajamouli himself. He says, ‘He was shocked when an anonymous caller woke him up late in the night saying that they have shot the shooting scenes and uploaded the footage on Youtube. Rajamouli was awestruck at that moment and immediately alerted all his assistants to watch Youtube and search anything was uploaded by anyone. But nothing could be found. Then he realised that it is just a prank call’. It may be mentioned that the magnum opus Bahubali (The Beginning) was a roaring success and Jakkanna wanted to make Bahubali (The conclusion) furthermore interesting and he is leaving no stone unturned to make it a stupendous hit.

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