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Bahubali in Legal Trouble

Bahubali in Legal Trouble

Rajamouli’s prestigious venture Bahubali landed in legal trouble in Karnataka. Film starring Prabhas,Rana, Anushkais progressing at brisk pace with the unit canning epic war scenes on lead pair. However a Jain Math from Karkala,Karnataka sent legal notice to the filmmakers for making a voilence film and titling it after their holy place ‘Bahubali’. They said the place Bahubali is very pious to all jains.

Gomateswar statue in Bahubali, Karnataka is world famous and it signifies honesty and selflessness. Jain Math alleged that filmmakers are insulting the holy statue and place by making a violent film in commercial lines. Though the filmmakers are not available for comments insiders say they are holding discussions with the authorities of the Jain Math. It has to be seen where the controversy will lead to.

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