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Bad-man Gulshan Grover plays God-man

Bad-man Gulshan Grover plays God-man

Bollywood bad-man Gulshan Grover is playing a God-man in a Hollywood film titled Desperate Endeavors. He plays the role of Dada Bhagwan, a revered, respected, spiritual guide in the film directed by French-Algerian film maker Sam Khassa.

Dada Bhagwan went to America in the 1970s and touched, improved and enlightened the lives of not just Indians but even Americans.

The film, Desperate Endeavors, was entirely shot in New York and will premiere at the New York City International Film Festival on August 19. Gulshan Grover has been nominated for best actor for playing Dada Bhagwan at the festival.

Grover is a member of International Film And Television Club of Asian Academy Of Film And Television. Grover was offered the role of a police inspector in Slumdog Millionaire, but turned down the offer.

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