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Babu Mohan Speaking over Bifurcation

Babu Mohan Speaking over Bifurcation

Wife and husband might unite together after separation but it is unlikely for Telanagana and Andhra Pradesh to unite in another 100 years time, says comedian-turned TRS politician and MLA Babu Mohan. Babu Mohan used to form a good pair with Kota Srinivasa Rao. He also became a minister during Babu’s stint as the CM of united Andhra Pradesh. He became an MLA and joined TRs after bifurcation. “I don’t think I will get roles after the way in which the two states have been separated. If  Telangana producers make more movies, I will get busy again. It’s not that I cannot work with Andhra producers, but the impact of bifurcation will surely be felt. Personally, I like both the states. I am artiste and I enjoy making others laugh,” says Babu Mohan.

He has not been given a minister’s berth yet. Whatever happens one can’t deny the fact that Babu Mohan is an interesting comedian.

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